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List on the MLS in California

California MLS Listings: $145

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the real estate market, and 95% of all homes for sale are on MLS. MLS listings appear on all the major real estate websites including Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and hundreds more. 99% of all serious buyers use these websites and/or real estate agents to find a home.

Your typical Realtor will want to charge you 6% to list your home, which is split with the agent who brings the buyer. Under our program, you avoid the 3% listing fee, and just pay our $145 listing fee plus 3%.

Example: $500,000 home

  • $145 + $15,000 (3%) = $15,145
  • 6% = $30,000
  • Savings = $14,849

But it gets better. Because of our volume and relationships with escrow and title companies, we can save you money on title insurance fees (expected to be paid by the seller) and escrow fees (split by buyer and seller). On a $500,000 sale, that translates into a savings of about $1500.
Our agents will represent you and help you with all the documentation, disclosures, counter-offers, etc. We collect $500 at closing, and usually offer buyer’s agents 2.5%, so your savings are even more. After your title and escrow fee savings, which will almost certainly be over $500, it’s like you got our service for free.
You could still offer a 3% commission to buyer’s agents, but it’s not necessary in California. Agents will still be happy to show your home when you offer 2.5%.

Your MLS Listing Includes:

  • 6 Month Local MLS Listing
  • 6 Month listing on Realtor, Zillow, Trulia and all other websites
  • Maximum allowed Photos on MLS and all other websites
  • Buyer leads forwarded to you!
  • Full Seller support through to closing:
    • Receive Offers
    • Review Offers
    • Prepare Counters
    • Prepare Disclosures
  • Substantial savings on escrow and title fees